Our Success Secrets

When people come to Beyond Limits for Neurofeedback (a form of Biofeedback), they have a different experience than at other offices (we know because the patients tell us this). They feel cared for as a person, and the results of their time with us last longer and are more profound. We believe this is due to a couple key factors:



The latest, cutting-edge Neurofeedback equipment which we use is the most effective one in the industry…it gets results typically 70% faster than the old conventional style brain training neurofeedback, and the positive results last longer! This new style of neurofeedback therapy is very gentle on the brain, bathing the brain in a very small amount of energy which allows it to come out of fight/flight state and relax into it’s natural, God-given healthy neuropathways. It is akin to a mother coaxing her child out of a melt-down, tantrum, or paralyzing terror.

It is not uncommon for patients to feel so relaxed after a session that they almost fall asleep, while at the same time having inspirations come to them with increased motivation to carry them out.

All in all, the patient becomes less stressed, more happy, more focused, and a more productive human being, allowing them to achieve their full potential!



When you pay for the Neurofeedback therapy at Beyond Limits, you get much so more than just Neurofeedback applications! As we go through the sessions with you, we will also be giving you lifestyle/diet coaching to support your brain health, as well as dropping tips to create more neuroplasticity exercises to increase the Neurofeedback benefits for your brain to bring about increases in self-regulation, focus improvement, stress reduction, resilience, peak performance, cognitive enhancement, and overall better mental health.



One of the keys to success with Neurotechnology is to couple it with proper brain nutrition. Dr LaGree knows the importance of key nutrients that support the production of the necessary neurotransmitter hormones in the body and ensure their availability to the brain. Each patient is given supplements for this purpose, specific to their case history evaluation.

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