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Beyond Limits Neurofeedback offers drug-free, enduring solutions for various brain-based conditions. Utilizing cutting-edge technology in neurofeedback training for both adults and children, we address symptoms linked to:

Envision a life where you have full control over your thoughts and emotions—better equipped to handle any situation with calm and confidence. Imagine extending this life-changing relief to your loved ones.

Neurofeedback training holds the key to making these possibilities a reality by returning your brain to its peak performance. Originating in 1972 for epilepsy treatment, it has evolved into a safe and effective technology, showcasing its prowess in improving various brain-based disorders over the years. Our Neurofeedback application is gentle, safe, and highly effective in increasing neuroplasticity, calm, and optimal brain function.

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“I personally used Neurofeedback training to get my joyful and relaxed self back again with this life-changing, natural, long-lasting, solution to my problems.”– Dr. Jeff Lagree

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